Research findings track​

During this track, 4 researchers will present their findings:

1. Agile: Transcending the borders of IT – Richard Oprins, Agile coach, Rabobank
Agile conquers across the borders of IT. With Agile fully-developed the more organizations become Agile. My study examines the challenges, advantages, practices, and rituals adopted by teams.

2. Collaborative Innovation: Learning In – With – From Projects – Dr. Pieter Frijns, Head Bureau Gateway, Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and Robert Bierwolf, Vice President, IEEE Technology & Engineering Management Society
Projects intend to effectuate change, and learning is key. Using a “Research through Project Management” (RtPM) approach, we share Dutch government research on project-programme-management practice in today’s VUCA and ambidextrous world.

3. Building and Implementing Design-Led Ambidexterity – Niya Stoimenova, AI Consciousness Researcher, TU Delft
Together with KLM and Barco, we developed a new mechanism that addresses common problems with ambidexterity and allows you to grow your insights into readily-implementable solutions.

4. Organizational-level ambidexterity  Dr. Oli Mihalache, Associate Professor of International Business, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
This study proposes top management team (TMT) shared leadership as an important enabler of organizational ambidexterity. Moreover, we examine both how and when TMT shared leadership enhances organizational ambidexterity by considering two TMT processes as mediators and two elements of organizational structure as important contingencies.


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The conference is organized by Centre for Innovation and CKC Seminars, in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Uitvoeringsorganisatie Bedrijfsvoering Rijk (UBR).