One I-ecosystem: We are all in this together!

One I-ecosystem: We are all in this together! Developing meaningful connections between government, business and higher education in an extremely tight IT-labour market.
The Netherlands takes pride in being characterized as a frontrunner in innovation and digitalization. Our drive for excellence and progress in I(C)T research and business has resulted in an ever increasing demand for highly skilled professionals and academics; a demand that is not met by the output of our higher education sector. Simultaneously, life-long learning is becoming increasingly important for our existing staff as old skills and expertise of these professionals are rapidly losing relevance. In this small big country we can choose to individually compete for IT-professionals and trainers, or we could adapt and do what the Dutch are good at: cooperate in order to generate added value for all. The national government’s ICT-program 2018-2021 aims to do just this and seeks to develop (regional) networks with partners in business and Higher Education. We would like to experiment with existing ways and explore new ways to start-up new collaborations between all partners. What could work for your business or public service? Where are your needs the greatest? Which brick walls and dead ends have you run into in your efforts? Let’s throw it all on the table in this workshop and see if we can create some added value.


The registration is now open, the regular fee is € 295,- excl. VAT. Registration fee includes: conference, catering and documentation. Register here.

The conference is organized by Centre for Innovation and CKC Seminars, in collaboration with PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) and Uitvoeringsorganisatie Bedrijfsvoering Rijk (UBR).